Bharat Army

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From the Barmy Army, and Bharat.

Proper noun[edit]

Bharat Army

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see Bharat,‎ Army. An Indian army.
  2. (cricket) The group composed of Indian cricket fans who travel, sporadically, around the world to watch and support the Indian cricket team in action.
    • 2004, Boria Majumdar, J A Mangan, Cricketing Cultures in Conflict: Cricketing World Cup 2003:
      The Bharat Army—with around 30 in Gandhi topis, 51 tricolour T-shirts and Sachin Tendulkar posters—continually cheered the Indians []
    • 2011 February 5, (mint) Lounge:
      Every Barmy Army chant was countered by the British Bharat Army. India batted first. []
    • 2011, Pete Christopher, Barmy Days and Balmy Nights, page 319:
      Fan involvement was the main 90's phenomena, and the Barmy Army were the fore-runners and leaders in this (and have since been followed by the Bharat Army (India), the Aussie Cricket Family, etc).
    • 2014, Rob Steen, Floodlights and touchlines:
      [] loyalists such as England's Barmy Army and India's Bharat Army, who follow their national cricket team []