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CDR (countable and uncountable, plural CDRs)

  1. (telephony) Initialism of call detail record: a computer record representing a unit of traffic handled by a telephone exchange.
  2. Initialism of common data rate.
  3. (programming) Initialism of content of decrement of register; cdr.
  4. (ophthalmology) Initialism of cup-to-disc ratio.
  5. (military) Abbreviation of commander.
  6. (electronics) Initialism of current divider rule or current division rule.
    Coordinate term: VDR
  7. Initialism of carbon dioxide removal.
  8. (video games) Initialism of cooldown reduction.
  9. Committee for the Defense of the Revolution




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Proper noun



  1. (politics) Initialism of Comitès de Defensa de la República, a network of committees that function on a local, regional and national level in Catalonia to defend the supposed "Republic of Catalonia"