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  1. (Australia, film classification) Initialism of Check The Classification (that is given to films to allow advertising prior to their official classification)



  1. (Internet) Initialism of care to chat?

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US) Initialism of Children's Theater Company (Minneapolis)


CTC (plural CTCs)

  1. (Britain) Initialism of City Technology College.
  2. (railway) Initialism of Centralized Traffic Control.
  3. (medicine) Initialism of curculating tumor cell.
    • 2018—Mursina, Kate (8 February 2018): "Teasing Out Circulating Tumor DNA". ClinicalOMICs.
      An ability to etect (sic) circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or cell-free cancer DNA (cfDNA) in blood or saliva opens possibilities to suspect cancer even before it is visible on radiological images.


CTC (third-person singular simple present CTCs, present participle CTCing, simple past and past participle CTCed)

  1. (Nigeria) Initialism of cut the crap.
  2. (informal) Install or convert to Centralized Traffic Control.
    • 1959, Trans-communicator - Volume 76, page 39:
      That installation will deplete telegraphers jobs considerably. Santa Fe already CTCing Mojave to Barstow.
    • 1960, Railway Signaling and Communications - Volume 53, page 16:
      Considerable activity on CTC projects will occur during the year. Several roads are well along on programs of CTCing their mainlines: AT&SF, C&O, CNR, NYC, NP, SP and UP.
    • 1995 February 12, krjo...@ulkyvx.louisville.edu, “Monitoring CSX and NS in Louisville, KY”, in rec.railroad, Usenet:
      The control of NS yards in Lousiville is a first step of CTCing the entire line from Danville to Prinston.
    • 1997 May 10, Kevin013, “Should CalTrain Drop "Push-Pull" Operating?”, in ba.transportation, Usenet:
      This is something of a stretch. Yes, CalTrain is already safe, but, like I said, it is behind the times compared to other railroads. Part of improving service will involve CTCing the whole 47 miles of line.
    • 1999 July 3, Erich Houchens, “NYC, PRR and CTC”, in misc.transport.rail.americas, Usenet:
      Back in the early 80's when Amtrak was CTCing the Northeast corridor the operators union (BRAC) notified Amtrak that only they could operate CTC on ex PRR lines.

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  • (centralized traffic control): PTC (positive train control)