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  1. 返屋企
  2. 官倒
  3. 拋物
  4. 夙夜匪懈
  5. 太陽
  6. 地球
  7. 自轉
  8. 吧城
  9. 啤酒
  10. 中華臺北
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  1. 一生受用不盡
  2. 讀書破萬卷
  3. 下筆如有神
  4. 十萬八千里
  5. 大可
  6. 大紅大紫
  7. 大意失荊州
  8. 物以類聚

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Chinese entries that contain usage examples or quotes that were added using templates such as Template:ux. For requests related to this category, see Category:Requests for example sentences in Chinese. See also Category:Requests for quotations in Chinese.

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