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Fundamental » All languages » Dutch » Lemmas » Verbs » Verbs by inflection type » Strong verbs » Class 3 strong verbs

Verbs where the ablaut vowel was followed by a consonant cluster in Proto-Indo-European.

The third class of Dutch strong verbs is the second largest. There are two subclasses:

The paradigm is:

Form 3a 3b
Present tense /-ɪ-/ /-ɛ-/
Past tense singular /-ɔ-/ /-ɔ-/
Past tense plural /-ɔ-/ /-ɔ-/
Past participle /-ɔ-/ /-ɔ-/

3a, for example klimmen - klom - klommen - geklommen

3b, for example zenden - zond - zonden - gezonden

The associated nouns of action have frequently preserved the sound /ɑ/: zang, drang, stank

A small group of verbs in this class have received (under the influence of the seventh class) a past tense in -ie- (/i/). These are placed under Dutch class 3+7 strong verbs

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