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  1. ὄρνυθι
  2. ἱερευσέμεν
  3. μαλακοῖσιν
  4. ἐκδόσις
  5. ἑθεν
  6. ἄϋσεν
  7. ἀλάλκοι
  8. ἀφίκηαι
  9. ἁλίῃσιν
  10. μίμνετο
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  1. τήν
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  7. πληθύς
  8. κάρη
  9. ἔδμεναι
  10. ὄϊς

Terms or senses in Ancient Greek as used in epic poetry.

This language variety is extinct.

The following labels generate this category: Epic (aliases Epic Greek, epi)edit; Homeric epithetedit; Homeric (aliases Homeric Greek, hom)edit. To generate this category using one of these labels, use {{lb|grc|label}}.

Etymology-only language code: grc-epc.


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