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  1. fascia
  2. frenum
  3. frenulum
  4. granulation tissue
  5. pomace
  6. nervous tissue
  7. perichondrium
  8. territorial matrix
  9. vascular tissue
  10. endothelium
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  1. fascia
  2. connective tissue
  3. cartilage
  4. ligament
  5. epithelium
  6. endothelium
  7. sinew
  8. frenum
  9. frenulum
  10. parenchyma

Fundamental » All languages » English » All topics » Body » Body parts » Tissues » Animal tissues

English terms for types or instances of tissues (groups of similar cells that function together to do a specific job) in animals, including humans.

NOTE: This is a set category. It should contain terms for animal tissues, not merely terms related to animal tissues. It may contain more general terms (e.g. types of animal tissues) or more specific terms (e.g. names of specific animal tissues), although there may be related categories specifically for these types of terms.