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Blend of cat +‎ Saturday



Caturday (plural Caturdays)

  1. (Internet slang) Saturday, as the day of the week for posting lolcats or other pictures of cats.
    • 2007 July 16, Lev Grossman, “Lolcats Addendum: Where I Got the Story Wrong”, in Time[1]:
      I had heard of Caturday when I wrote the piece, but I’d understood that it was a proto-lolcats practice that was different from the actual lolcats meme.
    • 2010 August 31, Jon Kelly, Jude Sheerin, “The strange virtual world of 4chan”, in BBC News[2]:
      Lolcats - images of anthropomorphic felines captioned with mis-spelt web-speak ("im in ur bed zleepin" and so on) - made their first appearance on the site, during its regular "Caturday" slot, but went on to dominate blogs and sites the length and breadth of the internet.
    • 2012, Katherine Losse, The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network, Free Press, →ISBN, page 148:
      When he and his wife began to have children, they nicknamed them after Internet memes like the lolcat holiday, Caturday.
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