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English citations of Allah

  • 1723, de La Mottraye, Aubrey, A. de La Motraye's Travels through Europe, Aſia, and into Part of Africa; with Proper Cutts and Maps, London, OL 19676762M, page 373:
    Alſo in the middle of the Month ſhall perform ten Raccas more, neither more nor leſs; which, when done, he ſhall in the like manner as before extend his Hands towards Heaven, and ſay, "There is no God but Allah alone, without Equal or Competitor; the Giver of Life and Death, and is Omnipotent in all Things."
  • 1839 March 23, “Reviews: Invasions of the Saracens, &c.”, in The Athenæum, number 595, page 211:
    In the investigation of so important a question, attention was naturally turned towards Spain, for on that portion of the European continent the Arabs early planted their victorious banners, and the name of Allah, and his messenger Mohammed, resounded for a period of eight centuries.
  • 1904, Hitchens, Robert, The Garden of Allah[1], New York: Grosset & Dunlap, Chapter IV:
    In them also were enshrined legends of the venerable marabouts who slept in the Paradise of Allah, and tales of the great warriors who had fought above the rocky precipices of Constantine and far off among the sands of the South.
  • 1998, Rice, Anne, The Vampire Armand, New York: Knopf, ISBN 9780679454472, OL 354828M, page 273:
    We are too much men and women; we are yet formed in the image of the Creator, and what can we say of Him with any certainty except that He, whoever He may be—Christ, Yahweh, Allah—He made us, did He not, because even He in His Infinite Perfection could not bear to be alone.
  • 2004 March 31, Squires, Abu Iman Abd ar-Rahman Robert, “Who is Allah?”, in, archived from [ the original] on 2004-05-01:
    [] "Allah" is simply the Arabic word for "God" - and there is only One God. Let there be no doubt - Muslims worship the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus - peace be upon them all.
  • 2006 October, “Allah is not the God of the Bible”, in[2]:
    Allah is just another of the "gods" men make for themselves when their eyes are blinded to the One True God by the adversary of all mankind.