Coney Island

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Dutch Konijneneiland (konijnen + eiland) 'island of rabbits'; equivalent to 'cony island'.

Proper noun[edit]

Coney Island

  1. A specific neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, known for its boardwalk and amusement parks.
    • 1993, Norman M. Klein, Seven Minutes: The Life and Death of the American Animated Cartoon, Verso, →ISBN, page 20,
      From 1916 to 1930, Fleischer would dress up as a Coney Island clown and have animators rotoscope films of him as Koko the Clown.
    • 2001, Anton Myrer, A Green Desire, HarperCollins, →ISBN, page 427,
      "If they're planning to tum my Cape into a Coney Island midway, they'd better think twice!"
    • 2006, Nick Tosches, King of the Jews: The Greatest Mob Story Never Told, HarperCollins, →ISBN, page 207,
      ... Sam Tietch, who performed as a Coney Island wrestler under the name of Vach "Cyclone" Lewis.

Derived terms[edit]


Coney Island (plural Coney Islands)

  1. A hot dog.
    • 1994, William J. Coughlin, In the Presence of Enemies, St. Martin's Press, →ISBN, page 107,
      The waiter slammed the Coney Islands down in front of them....
    • 2004, Beth Allen and Susan Westmoreland, "Tales of the Coney Island Dog", in Good Housekeeping Great American Classics Cookbook, →ISBN, page 49,
      By the 1970s, when Nathan's Famous rolled into cities far from New York, vendors realized that customers wanted a Coney Island "their way."