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Dapper Dan (plural Dapper Dans)

  1. (informal) A man who dresses and is groomed in a fancy, elegant, or fastidious manner.
    • 2001 Dec. 18, "Timothy C. Kelly: A Dapper Throwback," New York Times (retrieved 12 Dec 2012):
      Timothy C. Kelly cultivated a taste for the chivalry and silk handkerchiefs of his parents' generation. "He was a man who enjoyed the finer things in life," said his wife, Julie. ". . . He was a Dapper Dan."
    • 2010, Charles F. Lee, The Adventures of Ickle, Packy, Pickle and Gooch[1], →ISBN, page 49:
      “We call him Dapper Dan,” the chief pointed to a well-dressed man wearing a white shirt, tie, and a three-piece pin-striped suit.
    • 2011, Colleen McCullough, Naked Cruelty, →ISBN, (Google preview):
      [T]hey sat together in the front row, together with a very elderly fellow of the kind Carmine always called a “Dapper Dan”—a bit like the 1930s movie star, William Powell, even including the little mustache.

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