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Possibly from the nickname of champion American boxer James J. Corbett (1866–1933) or American country music singer Jim Reeves (1923-1964).


Gentleman Jim (usually uncountable, plural Gentleman Jims or Gentlemen Jims)

  1. (informal) A man, especially one named James, whose behavior shows him to have a polite, courteous, and respectable nature.
    • 1916, Elbert Hubbard, Little Journeys Vol. 11: Great Businessmen, "Philip D. Armour":
      When Sullivan met Corbett at New Orleans, Gentleman Jim landed the champion a terrific jolt with his right, smiled sweetly and said, "To think, John, of your coming all the way from Boston to get that."
    • 1982, Vernon Haugland, The Eagles' War: the Saga of the Eagle Squadron Pilots, 1940-1945, →ISBN, p. 93 (Google search result):
      Something puzzling: there were two Gentleman Jims in 71 Squadron.
    • 2005 Feb. 22, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, "In Eye of Social Security Storm, Quiet Power Broker Is Courted," New York Times (retrieved 16 Jan 2016):
      Mr. McCrery . . . was headed for defeat until his opponent, a state legislator named Foster Campbell, was injured in a car crash. Mr. McCrery pulled his advertising and became known as "Gentleman Jim," a label that fit a personality his consultants had tried in vain to revamp.
    • 2007 Jan. 14, Dave Hadfield, "Obituaries: Jim Lewthwaite, Rugby league record-breaker," Independent (UK) (retrieved 16 Jan 2016):
      Lewthwaite . . . was also regarded as ultra-reliable in defence, as well as a consummate sportsman, often referred to as "Gentleman Jim".

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