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From Walt Disney World, a resort in Florida owned by Disney which is home to a group of theme parks.


Disney World (plural Disney Worlds)

  1. (informal, often derogatory) A place resembling the Disney World theme park, often typified by a corporately-designed saccharine cheerfulness.
    • 1989, Bill Bryson, The lost continent: travels in small-town America, page 110:
      [] a sort of Disney World of American history. All the ticket takers and street sweepers and information givers were dressed in period costumes, the women in big aprons and muffin hats, the men in tricornered caps []
    • 1994, Kumar Rupesinghe, Marcial Rubio Correa, The culture of violence (page 87)
      Somehow one's acceptance into humanity is dependent on the kind of Disney World assumption that differences are only on the surface.
    • 2000, James Joseph O'Donnell, Avatars of the word: from papyrus to cyberspace (page 144)
      There is no refuge from reality in teaching, no orderly life in a kind of Disney World of the mind where nothing really dangerous ever happens and a predictable good time is had by all.

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