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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US) Initialism of Environmental Protection Agency.


EPA (plural EPAs)

  1. eicosapentaenoic acid
  2. English pale ale
    • 2014 February 14, Adam Cowden, “The Man Who Invented Beer: Three Floyds Pride and Joy”, in HEAVE Media:
      I’ve noticed that the chief distinguishing factor between American pale ales and their English counterparts is the hop taste — APAs all seem to finish with a metallic, grapefruit, or pine bitterness (it differs depending on who you talk to), while EPAs mostly seem to finish with a leafy, earthy hop profile that’s less explicitly bitter.
    • 2014, Lew Bryson & ‎Don Cazentre, New York Breweries, →ISBN:
      Beers brewed: CB's branded beers include Caged Alpha Monkey, Canandaigua Lake Pale Ale, EPA (English Pale Ale), Double Dark Cream Porter, and many seasonals and oneoff beers.
    • 2015 April 8, Bianca Coleman, “Craft beers go down with great ease”, in Independent Online:
      We had a bonus taster of an EPA, or English Pale Ale (IPA is Indian Pale Ale), which went by the name Rhythm Stick, and according my notes was delicious, and full of peachy aromas.
    • 2017 June 30, Wayne Newton, “Canada’s theatre jewel has tasty choices for food and drink to rival Stratford’s onstage offerings”, in London Free Press:
      It’s the Black Swan EPA which is the brewery’s best seller and the one most frequently found in local restaurants.
    • 2017 November 17, Nick Harman, “The Unbeatable Barley of Holkham”, in Foodepedia:
      I'm a bit twitchy myself, thirsting for some more Marston's, so we crack some bottles of Marston's EPA (English Pale Ale) a light, citrusy, beer that's very refreshing, although perhaps not best drunk in the freezing dusk wind that's now storming inland.



EPA and Tempo stores from the 1960s.


Acronym of Enhetsprisaktiebolaget.

Proper noun[edit]

EPA c (genitive EPA:s)

  1. Acronym of Enhetsprisaktiebolaget., chain of low-price and low-quality department stores that existed between 1930 to 1978

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  1. (colloquial) EPA-traktor
  2. (nonstandard) A-traktor