Earth Mother

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Earth Mother (plural Earth Mothers)

  1. (paganism) The Great Goddess of the Earth and fertility.
    • 1994, Tony Linsell, Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Migration & Magic, Anglo-Saxon, →ISBN, page 165:
      Taking this somewhat tenuous line of reasoning one step further, it might be suggested that witches sought enlightenment and contact with the Earth Mother and Sky Father through group activities, while wizards tended towards shamanistic methods and techniques.
    • 1997, Thorskegga Thorn, "Thor and the Goddesses", Thunder, issue 2 (Heathen Journal):
      His mother is Jord (the Earth Mother), his foster mother is Hlora, his step mother is Frigg, his wife is Sif, his mistress is the giantess Jarnsaxa and his daughter is Thrud (one of the valkyries).
    • 2000, Nathan J. Johnson and Robert J. Wallis, Galdrbok, The Wykeham Press, →ISBN, page 193:
      The following scheme further interprest the 'Skyfather(s)' - Earthmother(s) cosmology, drawing on our previous discussion of cosmogony and cosmology.