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Proper noun[edit]


  1. a city in Coffee County, Alabama, USA.
  2. unincorporated communities in Amador and Lake Counties, California, USA.
  3. an unincorporated community in Volusia County, Florida, USA.
  4. an unincorporated community in Spencer County, Indiana, USA.
  5. a small city in Dickinson County, Kansas, USA.
  6. a town in Clarke County, Mississippi, USA.
  7. an unincorporated community in Union County, Mississippi.
  8. unincorporated communities in Linn and Shelby Counties, Missouri, USA.
  9. an unincorporated township and CDP in Clark County, Nevada, USA.
  10. unincorporated communities in Hocking and Preble Counties, Ohio, USA.
  11. a city in and the county seat of Wallowa County, Oregon, USA.
  12. a city in Washington County, Utah, USA.
  13. a CDP in Morgan County, Utah.
  14. an unincorporated community in Wirt County, West Virginia, USA.
  15. a town and an unincorporated community in Oneida County, Wisconsin, USA.
  16. a hamlet in South Slave Region, Northwest Territories, Canada.
  17. a hamlet in Stone Mills, Ontario, Canada.
  18. a rural municipality in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  19. a village in the Demerara-Mahaica region of Guyana.