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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US, economics, banking, nonstandard) Federal Reserve System. Alternative spelling of Fed
    • 1982-3, National Farmers' Union Washington newsletter, v. 29-31, [1]:
      So, the FED Chairman chose to reassure all concerns, promising "a lasting expansion in economic activity while continuing progress against inflation.
    • 1985, Caryl Ersenkal, Myles S. Wallace, and John T. Warner, "Chairman reappointments, presidential elections and policy actions of the federal reserve," Policy Sciences, Springer Netherlands, ISSN 0032-2687, vol. 18, no. 3, November, 1985, pages 211-225, pg. 211:
      The extent of independence of the Federal Reserve Board (FED) from the executive branch has been a topic of ongoing study by economists and political scientists.
    • 2003, Review of the economic situation of Mexico, Citigroup/Banco Nacional de México (Banamex), August 2003, vol. LXXIX, no. 932, pg. 3:
      Positive news was consolidated for economic performance, while the bond market diverged from the opinions expressed by the FED.
    • 2006, International Financial Statistics Yearbook 2006, International Monetary Fund, →ISBN, pg. 191:
      Consolidates the Federal Reserve Banks (FED) and monetary authority functions undertaken by the central government.


FED (plural FEDs)

  1. (electronics) Field emission display.

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