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Alternative forms[edit]


franken- +‎ fish, from Frankenstein + fish. From early 1990's when a biotech company announced plans for a fast-growing transgenic salmon, which was subsequently named Frankenfish by the press. Re-introduced in 2004, when the movie Frankenfish was released.


Frankenfish (usually uncountable, plural Frankenfish or Frankenfishes)

  1. A fish that inspires fear for being unnatural in some way, as one that is invasive, or the product of genetic engineering.
    • 2002 October 3, Kory Dodd, “Feds Announce Regs to Ban 'Frankenfish' Imports”, in FOXNews:
      The federal government will ban the import of live northern snakeheads beginning Friday, waiving the normal 30-day waiting period
    • 2002 March 8, “Frankenfish Debate Heating Up”, in Associated Press:
      An application to sell Atlantic salmon with super-growth genes now sits before federal regulators, who must decide if Frankenfish -- as its legions of critics call it -- is safe for the dinner table.
    • 2004 January 5, “Bigger Frankenfish to Fry”, in Los Angeles Times, page B.10:
      When it comes to more serious questions about genetically altered "Frankenfish" on the horizon, regulatory agencies will have to set aside empty rationalizations and rely on science.
    • 2007 June 19, “'Frankenfish' stalks river in big numbers”, in Washington Times:
      Snakeheads have been dubbed such ominous nicknames as Frankenfish, killer fish, pit bulls with fins, and Chinese thug fish



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