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free +‎ land +‎ -er


Freelander (plural Freelanders)

  1. A person or group seeking political or personal freedom through emigration to and settlement of open land.
    • 1922, Lewis Mumford, The Story of Utopias, page 28:
      ... or the Freelanders who dwelt within the imagination of a dry little Austrian economist, have had more influence upon the, lives of our contemporaries
    • 1995, Charles Pierce LeWarne, Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915, page 120:
      Residents farmed and fished to provide family needs— Freelanders initiated no ... The Freelanders recognized that their vision must remain limited.
    • 2002, Donald F. Busky, Communism in history and theory, page 103:
      The Freelanders would instruct the black African natives in civilized ways,