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Acronym of grandmother/grandfather I'd like to fuck, after MILF.



GILF (plural GILFs)

  1. (vulgar, slang, acronym) A (putative) grandmother or grandfather found sexually attractive.
    • 2011, Phil Torcivia, What a Nice Guy:
      Men, I implore you: Fight your urge to net a doe. They're not worth the effort. Track yourself a GILF and you'll enjoy the spoils thoroughly.
    • 2014, James Kiehle, The China War:
      At the Whole Foods she saw them ogle, all the grannies and GILF's and MILF's and-well, anyone old enough to remember when Dan Rather was a dashing young reporter.
    • 2015, Joyce Eng, "6 Reasons to Watch the Impossibly Cute Grandfathered", TV Guide, 28 September 2015:
      John Stamos is a total GILF.

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