Gary Glitter

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Rhyming slang for shitter, referring to Gary Glitter, British glam rock singer.


Gary Glitter (plural Gary Glitters)

  1. (Britain, vulgar, slang, idiomatic) The anus, especially when used in anal sex.
    • 2010, Stephen Fry, The Hippopotamus
      Just because we like to take it up the Gary Glitter, darling, it doesn't mean we have to grow fat to satisfy the fears of our friends
    • 2005, Jack Leonard, Bad Altitude
      "...and I bet she's dirty, and all. She's bound to take it up the Gary Glitter.”
      “I'm sure that Mel's a nice church-going lass,” I countered, almost managing a straight face, “who has never been kissed, let alone done up the arse.”