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Germano- +‎ -phone

Alternative forms[edit]


Germanophone (comparative more Germanophone, superlative most Germanophone)

  1. German-speaking
    • 1975, Gann, Lewis H., “Economic development in Germany's African empire, 1884–1914”, in Duignan, Peter; Gann, Lewis H., editors, Colonialism in Africa 1870–1960, Volume Four: The Economics of Colonialism, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9780521086417, OL 7731621M, page 252:
      The Allies conquered Germany's overseas dependencies, and thereby helped to prevent the emergence of a Germanophone Africa, tied by language, commerce and administrative tradition to Central Europe.
    • 1978 October 1, Language Interpretation and Communication[1], volume 1977, Plenum Press, ISBN 9780306400513, OL 4727237M, page 164:
      Indeed he could do it well enough for him to act as liaison interpreter between his Francophone grandparents and the Germanophone family cook, asking the latter to fetch milk, light the lamp, etc., for the former.



Germanophone (plural Germanophones)

  1. A speaker of the German language.