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Græcian (not comparable)

  1. Archaic spelling of Grecian.


Græcian (plural Græcians)

  1. Archaic spelling of Grecian.
    • 1609, Tho[mas] Heywood, “Canto. 12.”, in Troia Britanica: Or, Great Britaines Troy. [], London: [] W[illiam] Iaggard, →OCLC, argumentum, page 303:
      AChilles transformation: Palimed / Accuſd of Treaſon and condemnd to die: / After long battaile, honor Hector led / The boldest Argiue Champion to defie: / The Græcians ſtorme to be ſo chalenged, / Hector and Aiax the fierce Combat try: / A Truce, a Banquet: at this pompous feaſt, / Queene Hellen is inuited a chiefe gueſt.