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Hitler +‎ -ian



Hitlerian (comparative more Hitlerian, superlative most Hitlerian)

  1. Of, relating to, or resembling Hitler (the German chancellor) or his actions.
    • 2015, Paul Beatty, The Sellout, Oneworld Publications (2016), page 217:
      Unable to contain his excitement, Foyʼs voice rose two octaves and took on a Hitlerian fervor.
    • 2019, Vasily Grossman, Stalingrad, page 220:
      War is war — but we need to understand how wrong it is to see the temporary triumph of fascist villainy as the destruction, once and for all, of the German people and the inauguration of an eternal kingdom of Hitlerian darknes.



Hitlerian (plural Hitlerians)

  1. A supporter of Hitler or his policies.
    • 2004, Henry Rousso, Richard Joseph Golsan, Stalinism and Nazism: history and memory compared, page 247:
      Since a German Communist state existed, a state peaceful and democratic by definition, it became more difficult to speak of crimes committed by Germans in general. Poles were confronted with a kind of "Marxization" of the German problem that had to be resolved in terms of classes: in the east were the good Germans because they were progressive; in the west, the bad Germsans, reactionaries, heirs of Nazism, even more-or-less camouflaged Hitlerians.