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Alternative forms[edit]


From hoch and Priester


Hohepriester m

  1. high priest

Usage notes[edit]

  • The irregular declension of Hohepriester is proscribed nowadays. When the first part Hoh- is inflected too, it shall be spelled Hohe Priester. In the 20th century before 1996, the irregular declension was still mentioned in dictionaries by Duden, e.g. in the 18th edition of Duden: Die Rechtschreibung from 1980 it is "Ho|he|lied das: Hohenlied[e]s; im Hohenlied[e]; in Salomo[n]s Hohemlied[e]; ein Hohe[s]lied der Kameradschaft" and "Ho|he|prie|ster der: Hohenpriesters, Hohenpriester; ein Hoherpriester, zwei Hohepriester".


Irregular declension
Regular declension

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