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Alternative forms[edit]


From Uyghur خوتەن(xoten).


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A prefecture of Xinjiang, China.
    • 1989, Che Muqi (车慕奇), The Silk Road, Past and Present (丝绸之路今昔)[1], Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, →ISBN, page 286:
      Today in Hotan Prefecture, including Pishan, Moyu, Lop, Qira, Yutian and Minfeng counties–places under the jurisdiction of ancient Khotan State which once dominated the southern route of the Silk Road–818 cobbled canals with a combined length of 1,500 kilometres have been built. Thus, melted snow from the Kunlun Mountains irrigates the prefecture's 200,000 hectacres of farmland.
    • 2018, ““Eradicating Ideological Viruses” China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims”, in Human Rights Watch[2]:
      It is not uncommon to find Uyghurs, particularly from Hotan and Kashgar in southern Xinjiang, – perceived by the authorities as anti-government hotspots – reporting that half or more of their immediate family members are in a mix of political education camps, pre-trial detention, and prison. For example, an interviewee said her husband, his 4 brothers, and their 12 nephews – that is, all the men in the family – have been detained in political education camps since 2017.
    • 2019, Anna Fifield, “TikTok’s owner is helping China’s campaign of repression in Xinjiang, report finds”, in Washington Post[3]:
      ByteDance has also been working with Xinjiang authorities under a program called “Xinjiang Aid,” whereby Chinese companies open subsidiaries or factories in Xinjiang and employ locals who have been detained in the camps. Its operations are centered on Hotan, an area of Xinjiang considered backward by the Communist Party and where the repression has been among the most severe.
    • 2019, “Across China: Xinjiang's supportive policies benefit poor with job creation”, in huaxia, editor, Xinhua News Agency[4]:
      In 2018, Xinjiang initiated a three-year poverty-relief plan for the four regions in southern Xinjiang -- Aksu, Kashgar, Hotan and the Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of Kizilsu.
  2. A county-level city in Hotan prefecture, Xinjiang, China.
  3. A county of Hotan prefecture, Xinjiang, China.
    • 2019, “Walnuts enter harvest season in Hotan County, China's Xinjiang”, in mingmei, editor, Xinhua News Agency[5]:
      A farmer picks walnuts in Hotan County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Sept. 6, 2019. Hotan County meets the harvest season of walnuts at present.
    • 2019, Adrian Zenz, “China Didn’t Want Us to Know. Now Its Own Files Are Doing the Talking.”, in New York Times[6]:
      The authorities’ attempt to enforce absolute secrecy is confirmed by another document dated November 2018, this one from a local government file in Hotan County.