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From Middle English *Islandish, *Islondisch, equivalent to Iceland +‎ -ish. Compare Dutch IJslands, German Isländisch, Danish islandsk, Icelandic íslenskur.


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (rare, dated [unless linguistic use]) Icelandic (North Germanic language, national tongue of Iceland).
    • 1903, United States Catholic Historical Society, Historical Records and Studies:
      Some geographical manuscripts written in the Icelandish language in the fourteenth or fifteenth century, and based in part on the statement of the Abbot Nicholas of Thingeyre, who died in 1159 A.d., according to Storm, Werlauff, and Rafn, also bear early witness to the discovery of Vinland by Leif Ericson, to Leif's Christianizing Greenland, and to the establishment of an episcopal see in Gardar.
    • 1911, The Missionary review:
      A short time ago open war broke out between the two elements over the new translation of the Bible into the Icelandish language, which had been prepared by Haraldus Nielsson, a teacher in the Theological Seminary at Reykjavik, [...]




Icelandish (comparative more Icelandish, superlative most Icelandish)

  1. Icelandic (of or relating to the North Germanic language spoken in Iceland).
  2. Icelandic (of or relating to the natives or inhabitants of Iceland).
    • 1905, John Daniel Crimmins, Irish-American historical miscellany:
      And another Icelandish writer of the tenth century records that, about thirty years afterwards, a vessel with a mixed crew of Irishmen and Icelanders was carried off the west coast of Ireland by an easterly wind to this western land called in the record: "Great Ireland"; [...]
  3. Icelandic (of, relating to, or originating from Iceland).
    • 1895, George Augustus Sala, The life and adventures of George Augustus Sala:
      Once a year His Excellency came to St. Petersburg, on leave of absence; but, according to the showing of the crusty cicerone, the young person of Icelandish extraction was as cold as the country of her birth, [...]