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Irish +‎ -ism


Irishism (plural Irishisms)

  1. A word, phrase, idiom, or expression chiefly used in Irish English.
    • 1855, The Living Age, page 223:
      And in the same short poem, we have these additional Irishisms in the rhymes : "But let me now awhile survey, Our madam o'er her ev'ning tea." "Hypocrisy with frown severe, Scurrility with gibing air."
    • 1991, Jonathan Kalb, Beckett in Performance, Cambridge University Press (→ISBN), page 89:
      Indeed, Beckett has always welcomed suggestions for Americanization of the Anglicisms and Irishisms in his plays; for instance, his and Asmus' replacement of "Macon" and "Cackon country" with "Napa" and "Crappa Valley" in the 1978 Godot ...
  2. A word, phrase, or idiom of Irish Gaelic (especially as borrowed into another language).
    • 1942, N.M. Holmer, The Irish Language in Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim, Рипол Классик (→ISBN), page 128:
      This fact, like so many others, is accounted For in part by Irishisms in southern Scottish Gaelic, in part by the strong Scottish influence on northern Irish. The most significant trait in the nominal inflexion is the plural termination —(c)an, which ...

Coordinate terms[edit]