Jabba the Hutt

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Alternative forms[edit]


After the character Jabba the Hutt, a large, sluglike alien crime lord in the Star Wars film saga.


Jabba the Hutt (plural Jabba the Hutts)

  1. (informal, sometimes attributive) Something very large or bloated; a fat person.
    • 1992, "Which Elvis goes on stamp", The Milwaukee Sentinel, 26 February 1992:
      It may be painful to remember that the latter day Elvis, he of the Las Vegas leer, became a besequined Jabba the Hutt, a virtual caricature of himself.
    • 2000, Sheldon Siegel, Special Circumstances, Bantam (2001), →ISBN, page 11:
      He nods in the direction of our client, Vince Russo, an oily-looking man about Joel's age who has jammed his Jabba the Hutt torso into the chair at the table next to Holmes.
    • 2009, "The downside of a federal stimulus package gone local", Peoria Journal Star, 9 February 2009:
      In small towns that merely want a fire station out of this Jabba the Hutt of a stimulus package, that's about as much as they can ever hope for insofar as a return on the dollars their local taxpayers send to Washington, D.C.
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