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JavaScript +‎ -ing


JavaScripting (uncountable)

  1. (computing) Programming in the JavaScript programming language.
    • 2000, Joseph W Lowery, Dreamweaver 3 Bible
      The swliveconnect attribute comes into play when you're using FSCommands or JavaScripting in your Flash 4 movies.
    • 2006, Peter-Paul Koch, Ppk on Javascript
      Whether you're an old-school scripter who needs to modernize your JavaScripting skills or a standards-aware Web developer who needs best practices...
  2. (computing) Execution of JavaScript code.
    • 1999, Andrew T Stull, Jeff L Platt, Psychology on the Internet 1999-2000
      This can happen for a variety of reasons but it most often occurs when Javascripting is involved.
    • 2001, Michael Chesbro, The Complete Guide to E-Security
      First, set your browser security protocols to high, and be sure JavaScripting is disabled. This will solve some of the problem...