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Mahnmal (plural Mahnmals)

  1. (Germanism) a Mahnmal
    • 2009, K. Michael Prince, War and German Memory →ISBN:
      A Mahnmal seeks to transmit the more forceful urgency of a warning, an admonition or an exhortation. [] Though Mahnmals are most often associated with the sites of former concentration camps and other Holocaust memorials, they also may bear an antiwar message, []


This sculpture of a mother holding her dead son, located in the Neue Wache in Berlin, is a Mahnmal to the destruction of war.


mahnen (remind (someone of something) pressingly; warn (someone of something); urge (someone to do something necessary)) +‎ Mal


  • IPA(key): [ˈmaːnˌmaːl]
  • (file)


Mahnmal n (genitive Mahnmals or Mahnmales, plural Mahnmale or Mahnmäler)

  1. A monument that serves as a reminder of a tragic event and a warning that the event should not be allowed to occur again.
    • 1999, Mahnmal Mitte: eine Kontroverse, page 322:
      (Es gibt kein Hiroshima-Mahnmal in Washington.)
      (There is no monument in Washington [D.C.] to remind people of Hiroshima.)
    • 2010, Dunkle Welten: Bunker, Tunnel und Gewölbe unter Berlin, page 65:
      Ein mit leeren Regalen versehener Raum, in den man vom Bebelplatz durch eine Glasscheibe hinunterschauen kann, erinnert dort als Mahnmal an die Bücherverbrennungen vom 10. Mai 1933.
      A room full of empty bookshelves, which one can look down into from the Bebelplatz via a glass panel, serves as a monument to remind people of the book-burnings of 10 May 1933.


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