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Blend of medical +‎ care.


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US) The system of government subsidies for health care for the elderly and disabled.
    My mom started getting Medicare last week.
  2. (Australia) The publicly funded universal health care system, operated by the government authority Medicare Australia. [From 1984.]
    • 1984, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Year Book Australia: No. 68, 1984[1], page 190:
      Medicare benefits are available to all persons ordinarily resident in Australia with the exception of members of foreign diplomatic missions and their dependants.
    • 2008, Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor, Potter and Perry′s Fundamentals of Nursing, page 25,
      All Australians are covered by Medicare, which is a universal insurance system controlled by the Australian Government through Commonwealth–State Health Care Agreements.
    • 2010, Elizabeth MacKinlay, Ageing and Spirituality Across Faiths and Cultures[2], page 229:
      Aside from Medicare, Australia′s universal health care system, most other support is income- or means-tested, depending on the level of income and assets of the care recipient, with some residents required to pay a daily fee to contribute to their care.
  3. (Canada) Alternative spelling of medicare

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