Mexican influenza

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Mexican influenza virions


An influenza that seemingly originated from Mexico.

Alternative forms[edit]


Mexican influenza (uncountable)

  1. The virus pandemic H1N1/09 virus.
    Hypernyms: swine flu, H1N1, influenzavirus H1N1, influenzavirus, virus
    • 2013, Carole Clavier, Health Promotion and the Policy Process:
      Indeed, authors like Fidler (2003) have argued that global health threats such as SARS and the Mexican influenza H1N1 have ended the primacy of the Westphalian state, and that the boundaries of democracy have to be redefined beyond the nation state and public sector alone for effective future use.
  2. The influenza caused by influenzavirus H1N1/09.
    Hypernyms: swine flu, flu, influenza, respiratory disease, disease
  3. The outbreak of 2009 swine flu pandemic.
    Synonyms: 2009 swine flu pandemic, 2009 swine flu epidemic, 2009 swine flu outbreak
    Hypernyms: pandemic, epidemic, outbreak


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