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From Hebrew מִיכָה(mīḵāh), shortened form of מִיכַיְהוּ(mīḵāyᵊhū, who is like Yahweh).


Proper noun[edit]

Micah (plural Micahs)

  1. A book of the Old Testament of Bible, and of the Tanakh.
    Synonym: (abbreviation) Mic.
  2. (biblical) Any of several men in the Old Testament:
    1. (especially) The minor prophet and author of the Book of Micah.
    2. An Ephraimite featured in Judges 17–18 and protagonist of the Micah’s idol narrative. Also called Michas.
  3. A male given name from Hebrew of Biblical origin. Used since the 17th century.
    • 1959 James Michener, Hawaii, Corgi Books 1981, →ISBN, page 308:
      "We will call the boy Micah," he announced at last.
      "I had thought of some sweeter name, perhaps David," she suggested.
      "We will call him Micah," Abner replied.
  4. A female given name from Hebrew, of modern American usage.


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See also[edit]

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