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All tests passed. (refresh)


Text Expected Actual
Passed klacz klat͡ʂ klat͡ʂ
Passed odrzut ˈɔd.ʐut ˈɔd.ʐut
Passed zupa ˈ ˈ
Passed przeżytek pʂɛˈʐɨ.tɛk pʂɛˈʐɨ.tɛk
Passed awers ˈa.vɛrs ˈa.vɛrs
Passed abażur aˈba.ʐur aˈba.ʐur
Passed haczyk ˈxa.t͡ʂɨk ˈxa.t͡ʂɨk
Passed różdżka ˈruʂ.t͡ʂka ˈruʂ.t͡ʂka
Passed będąc ˈbɛn.dɔnt͡s ˈbɛn.dɔnt͡s
Passed względnie ˈvzɡlɛn.dɲɛ ˈvzɡlɛn.dɲɛ
Passed kwaz-inorma kfa.ziˈnɔ kfa.ziˈnɔ
Passed na-ukowiec na.uˈkɔ.vʲɛt͡s na.uˈkɔ.vʲɛt͡s
Passed dżawa ˈd͡ʐ ˈd͡ʐ