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Napoleon +‎ -ist


Napoleonist (plural Napoleonists)

  1. A supporter of the dynasty of the Napoleons.


Napoleonist (comparative more Napoleonist, superlative most Napoleonist)

  1. Supporting, relating to, or characteristic of, the dynasty of the Napoleons.
    • 1859, The History of England, page 774, column 2:
      The party of the president (the Buonapartists) gradually and steadily gained over all the others; the soldiery and the peasantry were Napoleonist; the church saw this, and threw its weight into the presidential scale.
    • 1870, Theodore Tilton, “Elizabeth Barrett Browning”, in Sanctum Sanctorum; or, Proof-Sheets from an Editor’s Table, New York, N.Y.: Sheldon & Company, page 34:
      Mr. F ⸺ hints that your people are not very Napoleonist.
    • 1876 March 4, “End of the Carlist War”, in The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, and Art, volume XLI, number 1,062, London: [], page 286, column 1:
      The Spanish legend of a golden age of absolute royalty was even more baseless than the Jacobinical or the Napoleonist legend of France.
    • 1912, A. R. Allinson, transl., Intimate Memoirs of Napoleon III: Personal Reminiscences of the Man and the Emperor, London: Stanley Paul & Co., translation of original by Baron d’Ambès, page 158:
      Hugo is very Napoleonist, as is generally understood.
    • 1931, Oscar Ludmann, Stepchild of the Rhine: An Autobiography, New York, N.Y.: Alfred H. King, Inc., page 79:
      Only a week ago I was court-martialed for having attacked my officer and school teacher, and my grandfather is Napoleonist.
    • 2008, Aidan Nichols, The Realm: An Unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England, Oxford: Family Publications, →ISBN, page 95:
      Fascism was Napoleonist.

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