Nei Mongol

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A partial romanization of the Mandarin term 內蒙古内蒙古 (Nèi Měnggǔ): the Mandarin term (nèi) (inner, inside, internal) + Mongol (romanization of Mongolian Монгол (Mongol))

Proper noun[edit]

Nei Mongol

  1. Inner Mongolia.
    • 1992, Steven Foster, Chongxi Yue, Herbal emissaries: bringing Chinese herbs to the West, page 118:
      It also occurs in Mongolia and Soviet Siberia. It is produced mainly in Nei Mongol, Gansu, and Xinjiang.
    • 2002, Tara Boland-Crewe, David Lea, The territories of the People's Republic of China, page 211:
      The northern regions, the east of Inner Mongolia, were then taken and, on 1 May 1947, the first of the autonomous regions that now exist in the People's Republic was declared. The first capital of Nei Mongol, therefore, was at Ulanhot.
    • 2007, Wentang Zhang, Pei-ji Chen, Allison R. Palmer, Biostratigraphy of China, page 221:
      Retziella and Atrypoidea are also very common in southern Nei Mongol as in eastern Yunnan [...]