Norse Tradition

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Proper noun[edit]

Norse Tradition

  1. (paganism) The religion of Heathenry, a modern faith inspired by the ancient pagan beliefs of the Germanic tribes, Anglo-Saxons and Norse peoples.


  • 1997 Pagan Dawn issue 125 (Pagan magazine), Call us Heathens, Arlea Anschutz and Steven Hunt.
    Norse Tradition is another similar term, but instead of being too broad, its too narrow.
  • 1998 The Norse Tradition a beginners guide, Pete Jennings, Headway, ISBN 0-340 72082 4, page 1.
    The Norse Tradition, sometimes known as Odinism (after its chief god Odin), sometimes called Northern Tradition (as in Northern Europe) or Asatru (from the words meaning 'a faith in the Gods') is attractive today for many of the reasons for which it was followed long ago.
  • 2001 Goddess of the North, Lynda C. Welch, Weisser Books, ISBN 1-57863-170-X, page 226.
    While an entire book could be written about the spiritual symbols of the Norse Tradition, the purpose here is to give a brief description, without compromising the reader's own intuition concerning the symbols.