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Proper noun[edit]

the North

  1. The northern part of a region (alternative letter-case form of north), especially:
    1. (US) The northern states of the United States.
    2. (US) The Union during the American Civil War.
      The North lost most battles early in the war.
    3. (UK) The North of England, a cultural region.
    4. (Ireland) Northern Ireland.
    5. North Korea.
    6. (politics, economics) A group of countries mainly lying north of the equator, including most of the West and the First World and much of the Second World.
      In economic terms, the North controls four-fifths of the income earned anywhere in the world.

Proper noun[edit]

North (countable and uncountable, plural Norths)

  1. A surname.
  2. A civil parish of Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada, named for its location.
  3. A town in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, United States, named after John North.
  4. A number of townships in the United States, listed under North Township.

Derived terms[edit]