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Union (plural Unions)

  1. The 0-10-2 locomotive wheel arrangement. Derived from the name of the only U.S. company to use that configuration.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US, with determiner, dated, especially 19th century) The United States of America.
  2. (US, with determiner, historical) Those of the United States that did not secede at the time of the Civil War (of the United States of America).
  3. (Britain, with determiner) The United Kingdom (of Scotland, England, and Wales (Great Britain); or subsequently, Ireland or Northern Ireland)
  4. One of several municipalities
    1. A town in Alabama, USA.
    2. A ghost town in California, USA.
    3. A town in Connecticut, USA.
    4. A village in Illinois, USA.
    5. A city/town in Iowa, USA.
    6. A city in Kentucky, USA.
    7. A town in Maine, USA.
    8. A town in Mississippi, USA.
    9. A city in Missouri, USA, and the county seat of Franklin County.
    10. A village in Nebraska, USA.
    11. A town/city in New York, USA.
    12. A city in Ohio, USA.
    13. A city/town in Oregon, USA.
    14. A city in South Carolina, USA, and the county seat of Union County.
    15. A town in West Virginia, USA, and the county seat of Monroe County.
    16. One of seven towns in Wisconsin, USA.

Derived terms[edit]



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From French union, from Late Latin ūniō, from Latin ūnus (one).



Union f (genitive Union, plural Unionen)

  1. union


Proper noun[edit]

Union f (genitive Union)

  1. (politics) The CDU/CSU: the union of the two Christian democratic parties in Germany, the CSU in Bavaria and the CDU in the rest of Germany.

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