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Union Jack (plural Union Jacks)

The Union jack of the United Kingdom. FIAV 111000.svg Flag Ratio: 1:2
  1. The flag of the United Kingdom, consisting of the flags of England (St. George's Cross), Scotland (St. Andrew's Cross), and Ireland (St. Patrick's Cross) now only used in Northern Ireland combined.
  2. (nautical, Britain) The flag, consisting of the flags of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland combined, flown on ships of the government of the United Kingdom.
    US Union Jack
  3. (nautical, US) The flag, consisting of the blue star-studded field in the corner of the national ensign, flown at the jackstaff by ships at anchor[1].


Usage notes[edit]

The Union Jack (also Union flag, union jack) is regarded as the official flag of the United Kingdom, although technically no law to that effect has ever been passed.


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