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OWO (uncountable)

  1. Initialism of oral without: in prostitution, signifies performing oral sex without using a condom.
    • 2004, Sabrina, “A-LEVEL, DP & OWO Horny and Waiting Phone [redacted]”, in alt.sex.oral (Usenet):
      Sabrina is a young bisexual girl, who loves Oral, Anal and Double Penetration, within the right situation and is 22 years old, []
    • 2006, The Publishers Weekly, volume 253, numbers 18-26, page 59:
      She's had a little experience as a dominatrix and isn't averse to having sex with women; she's open, definitely, to certain procedures such as fisting, rimming and OWO, or Oral Without (a condom).

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Proper noun


  1. Initialism of Old War Office.
    • 2023 September 23, Tom Robbins, “Suite dreams”, in FT Weekend, Life & Arts, page 1:
      The OWO has, if anything, a surfeit. The British secret services were established here, the result of a series of meetings in October 1909.