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From Middle High German obez, from Old High German obez, obaz (fruit), from Proto-Germanic *ubatją (fruit, produce, increase), from a compound whose first element represents Proto-Indo-European *obʰi-, *ebʰi-, *bʰi- (on, toward, from, by), and whose second element is Proto-Germanic *at, *ēta- (edibles, food), from Proto-Germanic *etaną (to eat), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁ed- (to eat). Cognate with English ovest (mast), Middle Low German ōvet, āvet, ōft (fruit), Low German Aaft (fruits), Dutch ooft (fruits). More at ovest.



Obst n (genitive Obstes or Obsts, no plural)

  1. Edible plant parts, other than nuts, which are mainly eaten with sweet dishes, primarily fruit and berries. Edible parts of plants which do not count as vegetables.
    Heute esse ich nur Obst.Today I only eat fruit.


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