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Oost-Vlaams (comparative Oost-Vlaamser, superlative meest Oost-Vlaams or Oost-Vlaamst)

  1. East Flemish, from or relating to East Flanders, a Belgian province, in the eastern part of the historic countship of Flanders
  2. in or relating to the East Flemish dialects


Declension of Oost-Vlaams
uninflected Oost-Vlaams
inflected Oost-Vlaamse
comparative Oost-Vlaamser
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial Oost-Vlaams Oost-Vlaamser het Oost-Vlaamst
het Oost-Vlaamste
indefinite m./f. sing. Oost-Vlaamse Oost-Vlaamsere Oost-Vlaamste
n. sing. Oost-Vlaams Oost-Vlaamser Oost-Vlaamste
plural Oost-Vlaamse Oost-Vlaamsere Oost-Vlaamste
definite Oost-Vlaamse Oost-Vlaamsere Oost-Vlaamste
partitive Oost-Vlaams Oost-Vlaamsers

Proper noun


Oost-Vlaams n (uncountable)

  1. East Flemish, a (rather artificial, by analogy with West-Vlaams) group of Flemish dialects of the Dutch language in the eastern part of the historic countship of Flanders (now in Belgium and, further south/west, France)