Paris syndrome

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Paris syndrome (uncountable)

  1. An alleged transient psychological disorder encountered by some people visiting or vacationing in Paris, France, resulting from shock at their discovery that Paris is not what they had expected it to be.
    • 1998, Katada Tamami, “Reflexions on a case of Paris syndrome”, in Journal of the Nissei Hospital[1], volume 26, number 2, ISSN 0301-2581:
      Moreover, his fantasy and idealization of Paris, characteristic of Paris syndrome, played a great part in his abnormal behaviors searching for his lost youth and love affaire.[sic]
    • 2008, Barbara Mennel, “The city of love: Paris”, in Cities and Cinema[2], Routledge, →ISBN, The Paris syndrome, or the city of love, page 62:
      The Paris syndrome apparently affects only the Japanese and only when visiting Paris; women in their early thirties on their first international trip are particularly prone to the affliction.
    • 2010 March 26, Philip Hensher, “Parisians by Graham Robb: review”, in[3]:
      Paris Syndrome affects around 20 tourists a year, mostly Japanese, for some reason.


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