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Poe +‎ -an


Poean (comparative more Poean, superlative most Poean)

  1. Pertaining to Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), American writer and poet best known for tales of mystery and the macabre, or to his works.
    • 1902, Edgar Allan Poe, James Albert Harrison, Robert Armistead Stewart, Charles William Kent, The complete poetical works of Edgar Allan Poe
      The reader may judge for himself of the Poean echoes in the following stanzas from the collections of 1851 and 1853...
    • 1917, Rosenbach Company, Books, Broadsides, and Autograph Letters Relating to America
      The British character, customs and literary men are treated with a typically Poean vindictiveness.
    • 1986, Jack Sullivan, The Penguin encyclopedia of horror and the supernatural
      The Poean hero must know what lies shrouded in mystery...

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