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This Proto-Semitic entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



*ḥarb- f

  1. blade, knife, long and sharp implement



  • East Semitic:
    • Akkadian: 𒄑𒀳𒌆𒆥 (/ḫarbu/, specialized plow used to physically break apart solid soil, opposed to other weaker types used to merely draw furrows to drop seeds in)
  • Northwest Semitic:
    • Aramaic:
      • Imperial Aramaic: 𐡇𐡓𐡁(ḥrb)
      • Christian Palestinian Aramaic: ܚܪܒ
      • Classical Syriac: ܚܲܪܒܿܵܐ(ḥarbā, sword; spearhead)
      • Jewish Babylonian Aramaic: חַרְבׇּא(ḥarbā, sword; blade)
      • Jewish Palestinian Aramaic: חרבא(sword)
    • Hebrew: חֶרֶב‎ f (ḥéreḇ, sword; war; ploughshare)
    • Ugaritic: 𐎈𐎗𐎁 (ḥrb, knife, sword)
  • Arabic: حَرْب‎ f (ḥarb, war)
    • Arabic: حَرْبَة‎ f (ḥarba, javelin, spearhead)
    • Egyptian Arabic: حرب‎ f (ḥarb, war)
    • Gulf Arabic: حرب‎ f (ḥarb, war)
    • Persian: حرب‎ f (harb, war)
  • Amharic: አርበኛ (arbɲːa, patriot)
  • Old South Arabian: 𐩢𐩧𐩨𐩩(ḥrbt, battle)
  • Soqotri: ḥarib (fight)
  • Egyptian: [script needed] (ḥà-r-pu, sword)