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Etymology 1[edit]

Contraction of Rhodesian, +‎ -ie.


Rhodie (plural Rhodies)

  1. (Britain, South Africa, informal, sometimes derogatory) A white person who is resident in, or self-identifies with Rhodesia, particularly in its pre-independence days.
    • 1980, Simon Hoggart, “Ironing the lawn in Salisbury - the last days of Rhodesia”, in The Guardian:
      [] the British squaddies look with faint contempt on the Rhodesians (or "Rhodies" as they sometimes call them; military slang mushrooms overnight). []
    • 2004 September, Peter Longworth, “Dark hearts”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Remaindered from the Rhodesian war, all they have now is their ghosts inadequately repressed by extreme religion, alcohol, purple pills or a penchant for tearing down bars. Don't believe these guys don't exist. Spot them at the end of a Harare Rhodie bar or even worse stumbling towards you across the terrace of a bush hotel []
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Etymology 2[edit]

Contraction of Rhodes, with diminutive -ie.


Rhodie (plural Rhodies)

  1. (informal) A recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship.