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Borrowed from Latin sēcrētārius.


  • IPA(key): /zekreˈtɛːr/, [ze-], [ˌzɛ-], [ˌzeː-], [-kʁe-], [-kʁə-], [-ˈtɛ(ː)ɐ̯], [-ˈte(ː)ɐ̯]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: Se‧kre‧tär


Sekretär m (strong, genitive Sekretärs, plural Sekretäre, feminine Sekretärin)

  1. secretary (male or unspecified sex)
  2. official of an organization
  3. (historical) high-ranking member in the Central committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany
  4. (Germany) title of a Beamter ("Public servant") at the beginning of the middle service
  5. (furniture) bureau, secretary
    Synonym: Schreibsekretär m

Usage notes[edit]

(3) Often used with an addendum, for example, Sekretär für .. ("Secretary for ..") or Parteisekretär ("Party secretary").
(4) The title is always preceded by a prefix. The most common prefix is Regierungs- ("in government administration"), in which case the full title is Regierungssekretär.
In terms of hierarchy, a Sekretär is comparable to a Stabsunteroffizier (staff sergeant) or Obermaat (Petty Officer Second Class).


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