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The site of historical Sela seen from the modern village of Sela in Jordan

Borrowed from Biblical Hebrew סֶּלַע(Sela‛, rock); compare Arabic السَّلَع(as-salaʿ).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (biblical, historical) The capital of Edom, near Mount Hor; also known as Joktheel and Petra.
    • 1838, John R. Miles, Scripture Geography; Containing Illustrations of all the Places Mentioned in the Old and New Testament; with Accounts of their Past and Present Condition, their History, Population, Customs, Laws, Produce, and Manufactures, and the Leading Events Connecting Them with the Christian Religion: To which are Added, Chronological, Geographical, and other Tables, Illustrative of the History of the Countries and People Mentioned in the Body of the Work, Manchester: S. Johnson, 88, Market Street; sold by Simpkin and Marshall, London; Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Wm. Collins, Glasgow, OCLC 27405229, page 268:
      Selah, the capital of Idumea, built on an elevated plain, was situated in a deep valley, the entrance to which is by a lengthened defile, in some places not more than eight feet wide, which, in some parts, rising from 400 to 700 feet, nearly meet over head, about ninety miles to the south-east of Jerusalem. Mount Hor, celebrated in Scripture, overlooks the ruins of this ancient capital. It was called by the name of Petra from its rocky position; and by one of the prophets it is denominated "the Rock": it is also said, that Amaziah slew of Edom in the valley of Salt ten thousand, and took Selah by war, and called of it the name of Joktheel unto this day. (Jer. xlix. 16, 2 Kings xiv. 7)
  2. A village in modern-day Jordan near the location of historical Sela.

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Sela m

  1. Acronym of Sistema Económico Latinoamericano.